NEET mandatory to pursue medical courses abroad

An information is gathered that a legislation will soon be passed to make a pass in NEET mandatory even while pursuing to join a medical course abroad.
The officials of the central ministry of health and family welfare informed that around 6000 to 7000 students are going abroad to pursue medical courses. They mostly go to China or Russia. As per the current regulations, the students interested in pursuing a medical course abroad must have secured 50% marks in the 12th Standard and must obtain a qualification certificate from the Indian Medical Council.
Those who return after completing the medical course and intending to practice in India must pass in the Permission Licence test. However, it has been found over a number of years that the number of persons passing in this test has been quite low. Only 10% to 15% of the candidates who wrote the examination succeed.
This rather poor performance has raised queries such as the extent of knowledge gained/learnt and the quality of education imparted.
In order to clear at least a part of the above doubts, a legislative amendment is proposed to be carried out making a pass in NEET mandatory even for the students who want to pursue medical courses abroad.
This condition will ensure that only the meritorious students who obtained over 50% marks will go abroad to pursue medical courses.


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