A new App introduced to facilitate police verification of passport applications

A new App has been introduced to facilitate the Department of Police to verify the details/documents furnished by passport applicants.
The Chennai Region Passport official P. K. Ashok Babu explained in this regard that the procedure for obtaining the passport has been greatly simplified now. In the Tatkal procedure, passports are given within 24 hours of application. In a similar trend, the other procedures such as renewal of passports, replacing the expired passport with a new one, etc., are also done in fairly quick time.
However, there is still a slight delay in the processing of release of passport. The main reason for this delay is the time taken by the Department of Police on the verification of the data given by the passport applicants and giving the feedback.
In order to find a solution to this time-lag, a new App – ‘mPassport App’ – has been introduced. The Police department personnel can now download this App and simplify the procedure for verification of passport details. This App also enables uploading the report from the Police Department after verification. For this facility, 1700 tablets have been given to the Police Department at a cost of Rs. 2.91 Crores.
With this new App, it is possible to quickly gather the data pertaining to the passport applicants and send. Presently, it takes up to a maximum of 21 days for the passport detail verification. With the help of the above new App, this will get reduced to just 10 days.
The Passport office pays the Police Department Rs. 150 per passport application to verify data and report within 21 days. In case the time of 21 days is exceeded, only Rs, 50 will be paid.
Presently, training is being given to the police personnel on the usage of the new App. It is expected that this App will come into full use by the end of this month.
An important note is that this new App is being implemented in the state of Tamil Nadu for the 1st time in the entire country. This will be done in other states as well.


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